ACT Aspire

posted Apr 4, 2018, 8:32 AM by Toni Jacobs

CJH Parents/Guardians: 

As partners in your child’s education, it is important to ensure that they are prepared for each step along their educational journey.  One way to determine student preparedness is through assessment; therefore, we will be administering ACT Aspire tests to 7th and 8th grade students  April 17-19th, 2018. Your child will be taking the ACT Aspire tests on the following dates:

Reading and English Tests     April 17 (Tuesday)     

Science and Writing                April 18 (Wednesday)

Math                                        April 19 (Thursday)

Please make sure your child gets adequate sleep and has a good breakfast on testing days to ensure a successful testing experience. 

ACT Aspire test results will provide important information regarding how your child is progressing at his/her current grade level.  Test scores will indicate which important skills, abilities, and knowledge your student has now, and which ones need to be learned for school success in the future.  Results will help your child’s teacher understand where your child is succeeding, as well as where extra help or academic focus is needed.  ACT Aspire will also provide specific suggestions for improving skills.

You can learn more about ACT Aspire at