District Mission and Vision Statement

  • McGehee School District ensures high level learning for all.

Revised 9.27.2022

  • Educating today for tomorrow's success.

Revised 9.27.2022

To achieve the goal of a quality education for all students, McGehee School District and the community hold the following beliefs.

  • Our families and community are stakeholders in the success of our students and schools.

  • Students will have a safe and positive learning environment that promotes social, emotional, and academic well-being.

  • Students will be taught a rigorous curriculum focused on essential standards, enrichment, and continuity of learning.

  • Every classroom will have a highly qualified professional teacher, and the district will recruit, prepare, and retain those staff members.

  • Students will be educated to make healthy choices to promote life-long success.

  • All graduates will be college or career ready.

  • All students will have good role models and should be taught and encouraged to develop ethical, moral decision making skills in order to preserve a democratic society.

Revised 6.28.2021

Annual Report to the Public 2022 - Vision-Mission.pdf

Mission & Vision Statement

Annual Report to the Public 2022 - Beliefs.pdf

Core Beliefs